Life Insurance

This plan aims to provide immediate cash pay-out to the policyholder to cover funeral expenses of loved ones.

Key features and benefits

  • This plan will only pay the lump sum if you or any member you have insured dies during the period of cover. There is therefore no surrender or maturity value. You decide how much benefit you would like the plan to pay out as a policyholder.
  • There are five different plan types available to choose from .You cannot switch between plans once your FGTBlication has been accepted. The plan type and option you choose will determine your monthly premium and the benefits available.

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Motor Insurance

This plan aims to provide immediate cash pay-out to the policyholder to cover funeral expenses of loved ones.

  • Motor Comprehensive Motor Policy
    This policy will indemnifies you the insured, driver or any one in charge of your vehicle, against total or partial loss to your vehicle as a result of unforeseen incidents. The policy offers you an option to pay premiums on monthly basis for cover, a convenient direct debit premium payment system, affordable and cheaper premiums.

  • Motor Comprehensive Motor Policy
    Compensation against bodily injuries is unlimited and a minimum of USD5,000 indemnity against Third Party Property damage. Damage to groceries in transit is also claimable. An option to use a free fully air-conditioned vehicle in the vent of repairs due to accidental damage is available. Any loss or damage to keys and lock of the vehicle are also claimable.

  • Motor Third Party Policy
    The policy will indemnify insured against Third party Bodily injury /Death and Third party property damage up to a limit chosen by insured.The policy also provides an emergency medical expenses cover for all occupants of vehicle during an accident and a Personal accident cover for driver up to USD500.

House Insurance

It is an all-inclusive insurance that replaces, repairs or reinstates your residential building and its contents after damage or loss caused by burglary, fire or other perils.

What does it offer you

  • Cover for damage to your property or home contents as a result of fire, lightning, explosion, earthquake, riots and civil commotion, storm and flood, vandalism and other malicious acts, subsidence, heave or landslip of the site on which your building stands, or collision and impact from moving objects striking the building.
  • You may cover the contents of your home against theft, accidental breakage of mirrors and fixed glass, furniture and paintings.
  • Covers the cost of accommodation and storage while you can’t live in your home as a result of damage.
  • Covers you in cases where you are liable for damage suffered by third parties.